HET AFVALMUSEUM is the website of the Trash Museum of the Dutch Cleaners. In 2010 a large group of cleaners stepped out of their invisibility and started a strike of nine weeks time against their worsening labour conditions. The dirt piled up in train stations and in offices, and at once everybody was talking about the cleaners. It became clear that trash is their weapon and this is what they show in their museum. Trash collected by the Dutch cleaners, in combination with their stories about their working conditions.
1000DREAMS is a collection of more than hundred dreams recorded in 2008 and 2009 in different parts of China. Even though the living conditions in China defiantly improved, in the dreams people have during night time images of the raw life in China appear. The desired top on the social ladder is only accessible for a few, the others are condemned to survive as well they can.
EL HOLANDAMAN addresses issues of migration, integration, and xenophobia, specifically in what concerns hybrid models of new social groups like the Dutch Muslims in Argentina. This online project offers a poignant audio and visual tour through different individual testimonies questioning their consequent struggle to integrate in the society they live in.
MONUMENT VOOR DE INDONESIË-WEIGERAARS IN DE INDISCHE BUURT investigates the possibility of a monument for the Indonesië-objectors in Amsterdam. The Indonesië-objectors is a group of 6000 Dutch soldiers who refused to fight during the 'Police Actions', in he Indonesian War of Independence 1945/1949. This website contains Dutch spoken conversations with the neighbourhood residents and local leaders on the subject of creating a monument in this especially multicultural neighbourhood now a days. Besides of this website there was a prototype of a monument constructed at a public space in this neighbourhood.
LIQUIDACION.ORG at 3.45 pm, the speaker of Urquiza's station says: "The next train to Retiro is not for passengers!" This is the Tren Blanco from Suarez with the cartoneros. People from the suburbs of Buenos Aires, who are entering the city to recycle the garbage. They collect carton, paper, glass and strange objects in order to survive. The governments in Argentina sold during the last twelve years nearly everything what was here. Liquidacion.org sells what is left over! Objects, beautiful objects, fresh from the trash.

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